Friday, April 04, 2008

April is Autism Awareness Month

"I'm already aware of autism, Mom." -Ethan, April 2nd, 2008 (World Autism Awareness Day)
April is Autism Awareness Month! As many of you know, our son has Aspergers. Some day, when I am ready, I plan to post my "on going" post about Aspergers and life with Ethan. Don't get me wrong, we are so blessed to be parents of our special boy! Yes, life can be complicated with an Asperger child. Neighbors, friends, and family do not always understand Ethan. They do not always understand how or why his brain operates and/or understand why he says the expressions he speaks. (don't place blame on the parents or 'assume' that the child is speaking words to be hurtful.... that is where people need to become more educated). We just wish for people to become educated regarding Aspergers, Autism, and other Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

LB and I are so fortunate to have come in contact with many wonderful parents of ASD kids. We belong to many support groups and we have also organized our own parent ASD group in our town. It is a great way for parents to come together and share their successes and challenges.

Also, we have been fortunate to have a HUGE support group rooting for us and to be our guide and comfort when the tough times do arise. A big thank you is expressed for Father of Five. This kind man took the time to be educated about Autism and to display a banner on his blog in honor of Ethan! ----- thank you! Check out FOF's blog and read some good posts.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Study Buddy

This really isn't my idea of a "study buddy" but if I had to pick, yes, this is who I would choose.
Liberty Bell!

Doesn't Life as a Dog seem exhausting? After all, she did have to lift her head for a few minutes for the perfect shot. I am sure she is questioning me as to what in the world a pink monkey is doing by her head (and on her blanket)!

** this post is dedicated to a wonderful friend.... rest up, get well, and we'll be dancin' soon! :)**
{PS: This is what I had waiting for me after our trip.... isn't it wonderful... made by two great artists!}

Sunday, February 24, 2008

3-6-9 Kid - E's play from the weekend

You can read LB's blog here to get all the details from the play. As you know, my blog is short these days due to school. Here is just a taste from the 3-6-9 play that E performed in. E had a great weekend. Here are some photos from the play. He was a deputy and played his part well.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Father/Daughter Dance - Ethan's Concert - for family

Photos from Ethans concert and from the Father Daughter Dance.

Ethan and his 3rd Grade teacher, Mrs. Baker - she is so nice. We really have been blessed with her this year!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Out with the OLD.... In with the NEW! Ready, Set, GO, GO, GO!

Officially Retired:

1 pair of Saucony.... well ridden!

Yes, it was time! Time for a new pair of runnin' shoes! Truly, I experienced anxiety thinking about having to depart from my walking partners ... my neon green Sauc's. As anyone who is walking or running knows, you need to change out your shoes very often. They wear out fast! Keep your feet healthy and sore free for goodness sakes! they are! My new friends - righty and lefty Saucony!

Funny story: being fitted for new running shoes is actually fun! I love to have professional runners give me great advice on shoes. Mr. Gotee at the running store was amazed that they had one pair of my "best friends" left ... my size too! Bonus!

Yes, they are exactly the same as my other pair.

I am now a happy girl. I have my new shoes but feels like my old friends are still with me!

** Liberty Bell (91 in doggie years) is my summer walking partner. She doesn't like to walk in the cold Minnesota snow (can you blame her?) and I have yet to find a facility that will let you bring your dog/pet in for long walks.

Sunday, December 16, 2007


I read this quote on a scrapbook site and want to share with you. ENJOY!
"Worry is not necessary. Spend an equal amount of time counting blessings. Start with your childhood. Take the time to remember to really appreciate each blessing, absorb it and think of all the good effects it has had on you and others. Don't overlook the ordinary. There are a thousand blessings in every moment, if you look. Each breath and heartbeat, every color, texture, taste, smell. A lifetime of blessings, beauty, love. Thankfulness is like water. Allow yourself the release, the cleansing, the quenching that gratefulness brings."

I leave you with my favorite quote:
Live in the moment and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Isn't He Adorable........

Well, I got my baby fix! The only problem, I didn't want Mel and Rocky to leave! We had such a wonderful time! Emery loved holding the baby! I was surprised at Emery's enthusiasm for Rocky. She even said she would like to have a baby brother or sister. Ethan wasn't that interested in the baby. No surprise there. Ethan informed me that "babies are not a "thing" for a 9 yr. old". It was so much fun to have a little one around. Thank you Mel..... can't wait to see you both again!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Kittens, Chickens and Eagles, Oh My!

Mya and the Fancy Chicken
Kitty on the Log
Fancy Girl

What an eventful weekend! Sweet Pea, Son, and I drove up to visit Grandma and Grandpa for the weekend. Well actually, Son got to stay with Grandma and Grandpa while Sweet Pea and I had a "girls weekend" with my dearest HS friend. We had a wonderful time! Sharing the weekend with my dear friend was so relaxing. My dear friend, (let's just call her Fe Fe), cooked a fabulous meal for all of us girls. It was delicious. A group of other High School friends joined us for food and gabbing all night.
Sweet Pea and I were given the opportunity to help Fe Fe on her chicken "farm". Sweet Pea loved the chickens. She asked if we could bring some home.
Fe Fe has chickens, dogs, and a cat.
Thank you, Fe Fe, for the best weekend! We had a great time!
The photo of the two bald eagles was taken near Bemidji. It is rare that you spot two eagles - let alone to find them perched on a branch. Doesn't it look patriotic? I stopped the car and had to shoot 5 or 6 photos of these beautiful birds! I hope they don't find out about Fe Fe's chickens.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hot Hot Hot

Quote from my husband "With a title like that, are you finally writing about me". Sorry LB, I have to save those posts. Those are private. :)

This post is for Kerry and Tom

The Salsa was a huge hit!

I did it! I did it again! I love it!
Thanks to family for the veggies and to neighbor L. for the tomatoes. Yummy. . . .Tom, thank you for all of your help. Your the best "cooker" according to E & E. ;)
More writing to come......
off to school.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Up North Beauty

This past weekend we took a short trip up to Bemidji. The weather was perfect for boating. My parents live on a beautiful private lake just outside of Bemidji. We took the pontoon out on Saturday and saw some spectacular scenery. The ducks and their babies, all the sunfish, and of course, the pair of loons and their cute little one. My Dad was able to capture this photo (which I think is rare) of the loon feeding her baby. These loons are very good parents. They keep the baby very close and don't like us or anything bothering them. An eagle circled around a few times when we were out on the lake, the loons were squawking up a storm to warn him off.

Thank you Dad for sharing your unique photo. We had a nice time with you and Mom.
** I am posting this on July 8th. Today my Grandpa Roy would have turned 99 years young. My Grandpa passed away 5 years ago. My Grandma Olive and all of us miss him greatly.

Friday, June 08, 2007

93 - Peg and Ollie

This post is dedicated to 2 very special people in our lives. Grandma Ollie and Grandma Peg!

May I start out by wishing you both a very, very, Happy 93rd Birthday!

While dating LB, we were dining at the MOA (California Cafe to be exact), the discussion of our Grandparents came up. I was proudly telling LB about my Grandma Ollie. She is one of a kind! She is so special and dear to me. At the time, Grandma Ollie was turning 80. I mentioned my Grandma's big birthday to LB. His eyes lit up. "That is my Grandma's 80th birthday also"! One more detail we had in common! Our Grandma's shared the same EXACT birthday. They were both born in SD and later we found out that our Grandma's lived approximately 20 miles from each other. Back in 1914, to live twenty miles away from each other was far. That is probably why they had never met.

LB and I didn't date very long before we were married. Our wedding day was the day our Grandma's met each other (they had heard so much about one another). I can remember them hugging each other as if they had known each other for years.

These two beautiful ladies are now pen pals and friends! Grandma Peg still drives and plays bridge many times per week. I should say, she is the Bridge Queen (her name, the winner, is in the paper every week)! Grandma Ollie has been busy packing as she is moving into her new apartment. She will be close to her Church, which is a big part of her life, and near friends.

To you two wonderful ladies - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Thank you for being such a great influence in our lives, thank you for being the best Grandma's and best Great Grandma's in the world, thank you for your love! We love you both!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Como Zoo

" I just love him Mom............ can we get one?"

Emery's preschool class had their end of the year field trip. The class went to the Como Zoo in St. Paul. What a wonderful day!

The last time I visited Como Zoo was 3 years ago. As a matter of fact, a Dad from Ethan's class was reminding me of our trip 3 years ago. "Remember Dianne, it was cold, raining, and the zoo was under construction. The animals didn't come out and the kids were all complaining how they wanted to see some animals." I had forgotten most of those details. I only remember the rain and the bus ride home. This year, the trip was completely different. The weather was perfect and the bus ride was so much fun. I don't know who had more fun.... the Mom's or the kids! The pictures show our fun day!
I was told that with the remodeling of the zoo, it has attracted a lot more people. The zoo was clean and the animals looked well taken care of. I noticed how the patrons entering the zoo were so generous at the donation box. We made sure to add our share as we'd love to see this zoo for years to come. (as an extra bonus, I found some dollar bills near the giraffe exhibit - we donated that as we exited the zoo:)
We were able to view all of the animals in about 2 hours. We did spend extra time in the tropical gardens. It was interesting to see little mice running around in the lush grass. I wasn't sure if they were supposed to be in there but then I thought maybe the snakes feed on them. ?? The sloth was very interesting to watch. He (or she) actually climbed up the tree while we were watching below. It took him/her quite a long time to move just a few inches up the tree. Then he/she took a nap.

We were fortunate to see the seals being fed, have their teeth cleaned, and then perform a small show for us. I wish I could have taken a better photo of them swimming in their home but they were too quick for my eye!

Relaxin' in the sun. I don't blame these two oldies for relaxing. They both look like they deserve to relax .... don't they?

Not sure what this bird was called but I was very pleased with the pose it gave me. Beautiful bird I might add.

Polar Bears!

The polar bears were fun to watch. The larger one above, wanted to guard his cave while the smaller one below was pacing the lower part of their exhibit. I wasn't sure why it was pacing back and forth but it was fun for everyone to see his size and to listen to him growl.

All in all, it was a great day! I would recommend to take your family to the Como Zoo. Spend the entire day. Take many photos. Stop and have a picnic lunch. Enjoy the beautiful facility. Lastly, Enjoy and Treasure your time together!

Many thanks go out to the teachers for being so patient with the children. Thanks to the bus drivers also, they take their job very seriously. They made sure to keep us all safe even during the crazy traffic time.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Swimming - Water Park Fun

Grandma and Grandpa here are some swimming photos. We took these photos while visiting the water park in South Dakota.

Ethan hanging from the rope Emery swimming with the huge snake
I Love this photo! This was taken near the end the of evening. The kids were taking a break and were sitting on the mini fountains. I love the look on each face. Emery looks completely wore out - Ella is still smiling from all the fun - Ethan, well is Ethan.... :) He was happy to be anywhere near the water!
Another favorite of mine. Emery and Ella - cousins having a great time together.

Ethan going down the water slide - we quit counting after 100 times down :) Great job Ethan!
Emery jumping in (again) She had Daddy there to help her the first couple of times. By the end of the day, she was jumping in all by herself and swimming to the edge. Good job Emery!
Emery goofing around :)
Ella and Hope. Hope loved to go down this slide. She didn't mind being under water one bit! :)
Ella loved the slide too.

We had a great time. We hope to go back and visit the water park again!

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